About Us

From Matt Bellinghiere, President and CEO of Blasted Machines Tech Shop:

"It all started back in the days of dial-up Internet service.  I was still in college, about 2003 or so, and I had a fairly new (at the time) Compaq desktop (a Presario 6000 series) and NetZero Internet service (this was back when it was still free).  My connection proved rather unreliable, as did my system, and it would often boot me offline or just randomly shut down.  I do not believe in swearing or cursing, but I did 'blast' things.  So I was in a conversation via MSN Messenger with a friend of mine, and my system shut down and rebooted spontaneously, and the first thing I typed when I reopened the conversation was 'blasted machines!'  Then I thought about it for a minute...'Hm...I should make a website called that.'

"I did not have a format at the time, nor did I have any way of affording the ten dollars or so a month that most hosting venues were charging at the time.  After a while, my thoughts condensed a bit, and I started wanting to sell video games to make some money.  I made a blog, which is still viewable to this day, at Blogger, with the intent to sell the video games through that blog.  Unfortunately, I failed to actually list the games there, and another year passed before I actually started selling video games.

"In June of 2005, I began to sell video games at a few online forums.  I began with 190 spare games and $50 in my pocket.  By the end of the first week, I had 150 spare games and $550 in my pocket.  God grew my blessings from there.  Today, Blasted Machines Tech Shop has an inventory of nearly 1000 games across many platforms, including many games for your favorite retro systems and a selection of more recent games.  With our wide selection, the best prices anywhere, and our customer-centric focus, Blasted Machines Tech Shop is your place to shop.  And with our new safe and secure website, we will make your virtual dreams become reality, one customer at a time."